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Download Farming Simulator 17 PS4 game for PlayStation – kzaplay

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Farming Simulator 17 PS4

Farming simulation games are one of the most popular titles of the realistic simulation-like genres.One of the most popular of these titles is the Farming Simulator series, which was released in 2016 for the PlayStation 4 console.Farming Simulator’s unique and versatile farming experience has delighted players all over the world, and while the game is an accurate simulator with deep management options, it’s great to have with two large maps, countless vehicles and equipment to use. .All the manufacturers of agricultural products are here, and Farming Simulator 17, with over 200 unique vehicles and equipment from 70 different brands, will have the largest list of them in the entire franchise.
In Farming Simulator 17 we see many things that distinguish it from previous versions, new environments, advanced and new vehicles, beautiful animals, products and good gameplay, which did not receive much attention in previous versions.But the manufacturer tried to make this version more complete than previous ones.In fact, it complements previous versions.The story hasn’t changed, it’s farming, but the environment has changed a lot.Currently, you have over hundreds of hectares of farmland where you can farm.Try to water your crops and protect them well so that they can be harvested in a short time.In this game, a completely new and great environment located in North America awaits you.
Farming Simulator 17 PS4-Playable
v1.02 update;Number: CUSA-04690
Applicable to exploit 4.55 and above
Take on the role of a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 17!Immerse yourself in a huge open world filled with new content.Explore the possibilities of farming on hundreds of acres of land, including a detailed new North American environment.Drive over 250 original vehicles and equipment from over 75 manufacturers, including brand new like Challenger, Fendt, Valtra or Massey Ferguson.
Harvested many types of crops, including for the first time sunflower and soybean.Take care of your livestock – cows, sheep, chickens and now pigs – take part in the forests, sell your produce to expand your farm!Transport your goods with trucks and trailers, or load and drive trains to reach your destination.Grow your farm online with other players, and download the community that has created mods for your ever-growing Farming Simulator experience!
Required order
For now, in order to play our rips, you will need:
– PS4 مع Firmware 4.55
– a computer to runPS4 Exploit Host
Installation guide
Game installation tutorial:
1) First, extract all the zip files downloaded byLatest version of WinRar .
2) Move the obtained pkg file to the hard drive formatted to exFAT.Make sure that no folders are copied to the external hard drive.It’s only the main address of the external hard drive, not any other sub-branch.
3) Connect your hard drive to the PS4 console.After activating the debug settings section, enter this section after hacking the console.ie settings heading => debug settings in console.
4) انتقل إلى Debug Settings => Game => Package Installer. Your downloaded file, obtained in the second step, will be displayed here.
5) Start the installation by pressing the X key.After installation, the game will be displayed on the main screen of your console.
File information
  • File size: 3.44 GB
  • Release date: Game version: OCT-25-2016 |4.55 Game Hack: Mar 22-2018
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Download Link
Download Farming Simulator 17 v1.02 PS4 – Meetto play  :
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