Download Eid Takbeerat and Azan program for Android free Takbirat alaid APK

Azan and Eid Takbeerat is a free application to listen and download Eid Takbeer and Azan for a number of readers and sheikhs of the Islamic world.

Application features:
– Easy access to any file by searching.
– The possibility of downloading files single or multiple and easy access
and navigate between them via the list of downloaded files.
– Possibility to set any file as an alarm or alert ring blessing.
– The ability to add files to the favorites list for easy access and navigation between them.
– The possibility of continuing to listen to the file from the place where we stopped last time.
– The ability to share any file via Bluetooth, e-mail, WhatsApp, and others.
– The application moves to the background and stops the file in the event of a phone call being received
Then continue with the file after the call is finished
– Possibility to cancel the download process at any point in the download process
– The ability to listen to the file in the background and continue working on the device at the same time
– Navigate between files from within the media player Automatic transition of the next file.
– In addition to repetition, listening, random navigation, and other design and technical features that maintain
on application stability.

Download Takbirat alaid APK for Android, free of charge

Compatible with
Android 2.1 and higher versions
 the size 
1.5 MB
the cost
Application programmer exbound
Download from Google Play


Download directly asAPK

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