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Download Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters for PC – kzaplay

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Drunk-Fu Wasted Masters PC

It is a physics-based action with a very combative atmosphere. The mood of the game is fun and can keep you entertained for hours online or locally in multiplayer games. Consider destroying each of your enemies and use a wide variety of powerful technologies and weapons. Unite with your teammates and get others out of the way, or go head to head with everyone and destroy them. The game battles are listed in different cabarets and bars. You have to go to them all and defeat your enemies. Full customization is also a feature in Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters.
Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters is a physics-based fighting game.Laughing crazy at ragdoll lunatics locally and online.Go into a drunken rage as you take down your enemies with a variety of melee techniques and weapons.Howl in a drunken fury as you team up with your friends or beat them to a pulp in multiple game modes.Enjoy different alcohol inspired bars around the world and customize your character to show impeccable taste.
Required order
Minimum order required:
Operating system: Windows 7 or later

Processor: DualCore AMD / Intel 2.3 GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM 

Graphics: AMD Radeon 4850 / Nvidia 8800 GTS 512 Mb or equivalent

DirectX: version 10

Storage: 512MB Available Space

Installation guide
1) Make sure your antivirus is completely disabled.
2) Extract the zip file with WinRar and install the game with the executable file SiMPLEX.exe.
File information
  • File size: 340 MB
  • Release date: AUG-17-2018
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