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Download doPDF 11.2 to convert text files to PDF – kzaplay

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Download doPDF to convert text file to PDF for free for PC

Do you want to convert text files to PDF files? Now the free du PDF program allows you to convert any text file such as incoming, txt, HTML and PowerPoint to a PDF file quickly and in easy and quick steps, the program is in the list of faxes and printers. To convert to PDF format, for the program to work, choose the files, whether they are Microsoft Word, WordPad or Notepad, choose the printer, and then save the PDF file on the computer. doPDF does not consume system resources such as memory or CPU resources When converting any text file to PDF.
The program allows the ability to search for texts within the text file while viewing it, the program is easy to use and is distinguished in converting text files to a PDF file, the program supports Microsoft files and adjusts the dimensions, and you can adjust the dimensions of the paper and rotate the pages, a program that also helps you in printing Files and documents and adjust printing settings with ease and supports work on all Windows systems including Windows 10 and the ability to print PDF files easily and the ability to sign PDF files to protect privacy.

doPDF 2016 final

What’s new in doPDF version 11.3
1- Display a message when printing stops.
2- A slight change in the designs of the program for printing.
3- Enable multiple copies inside PDF documents.
4- The ability to search for texts within PDF files.
5- Fix some errors when adding links inside Excel files.
6- Restart and activate the virtual printer.
7- Addition of Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian translations.
8- Adding the Ukrainian language and adding the Thai language to the interface.

Program version informationdoPDF for PC
Software version: doPDF 11.3 Build 239
Release date: November 2021
Developed by: Softland
Program size: 60.1 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7-8-10
Software license: Free
Categories: Program to open and run PDF files, computer programs, computer programs 2021
Download doPDF to convert text files to PDF – from here :-
Download doPDF 2021, a program to convert files to PDF for PC, doPDF for free


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