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Download Days Gone PS4 Action Game – DUPLEX – kzaplay

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The story of Days Gone is one of the most cliched themes in the entertainment world.Run a dangerous experiment that leads to a zombie-centered apocalypse.A character who has lost loved ones along the way and a devastated world that reflects on past events.We have seen examples of this over and over in various works.If I compare the story of DG with similar titles, it can be said that this work is similar toThe Last of Usin all dimensions.
The narrative style of this title can be compared to an avalanche.Small events happen slowly and eventually lead to a big event that will take the player with them.Along the way, Deacon Saint John, the main character of the story, will learn about the margins of this difficult person’s life and you will take care of it yourself.Part of this is due to the deep depth of the characters and part due to their strong voice acting.
لعبة Days Gone PS4- DUPLEX
v1.00 ؛ ID number: CUSA-9175

One of the main pillars of this business is Dizgan’s game.First, we came across a title that takes advantage of the mechanics and features familiar to Open World and Survival games.The formula was seen for a long time in the products of other companies and was abandoned by them in this generation.Of course, throughout the map, there is no tower that you can unlock the map by climbing and watching the environment.Instead, Days Gone encourages exploration and adventure.
The beautiful environment of Days Gone has been drawn in four colors by Unreal Engine.The game is beautiful in a word.From distant landscapes, to trees blowing in the wind, from snow to light and rain effects, they all help immerse the player further into the game.The main characters are also well designed, especially Deacon, Bozeman, and Sarah.There is a bit of idleness in the sub-character design, but it’s not overly annoying.Freckles do not have such a complex design and do not show much versatility.

Game video

Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game set in a harsh wilderness two years after a devastating global pandemic.Play as Deacon St.John, a drifter and bounty hunter who rides the broken road, fights for survival while searching for a reason to live.
• Harsh Open World: Using the power of PlayStation 4 and Unreal Engine 4, Days Gone delivers an incredibly realistic and detailed open world experience.Immerse yourself in vast and hostile environments and explore their secrets.Find vehicles, abandoned homes, truck stops and cities while searching for resources.But be careful – the day and night cycles, along with dynamic weather systems, all affect the gameplay and behavior of the enemy.
Required order
For now, in order to play our rips, you will need:
– PS4 with firmware 6.72
– a computer to runPS4 Exploit Host
Installation guide
To be announced soon…!
File information
  • File size: 42.2 GB
  • Release date: Initial: APR-26-2019 |Hack DUPLEX: JUL-18-2020
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