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Download Corel Painter 2019 – a great photo editing and design program – kzaplay

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Download Corel Painter for brush drawing and professional image design
Corel Painter is one of the best programs for drawing and editing images on the computer, as it is used by millions of people interested in the art of drawing and improving images around the world. All the requirements and needs of the users, Corel Painter provides a lot of tools, colors and pens that can be used to draw images in the way you want. You can also make adjustments to your own images and turn them into a wonderful art painting, in addition to providing a lot of artistic templates that you can choose among them to fit the images to extract them. The program also provides a lot of tools that are used in distinctive graphics such as charcoal, chalk, many oil brushes and others, in addition to providing a lot of wonderful geometric shapes such as square, circles, arrows, stars and others with the possibility of controlling the size of the engineering drawings and coloring them in different colors.

The program contains many tools through which you can design the panels with the designs you want, whether Islamic or classic and others, the program interface is simple and includes all the tools and colors that help you to use it easily by all graphics lovers, whether professionals or beginners, the program is multilingual as it supports the English language French, German and others, which made its use and spread all over the world, the program is wonderfully distinctive, as it provides opportunities for training on ready-made images for coloring and making modifications to them, which helps beginners to master drawing and photo editing in a distinctive way.
Corel Painter

The program is free and available to everyone without the need to pay a lot of money or activate codes or enter a serial, and few find a free program and it contains this huge amount of tools and colors to draw artistic images with high sense and taste, the program helps you in drawing and modifying distinctive backgrounds and decorations that match the truth, you can Adjust brightness, colors, lighting and interference to reach the final aesthetic shape you want. You can also include many images in one image with a distinctive format. You can cut parts of images to get rid of unwanted parts, get rid of defects in images, and rotate images at different angles according to your needs, although Although the program is medium in size, it does not consume a lot of processor resources and does not cause irritation to the computer while working on it. It is a powerful and enjoyable program for designing professional images on the computer.

Program version informationCorel Painter 2019
Software version: Corel Painter 2020 Update 1
Release year: May2020
Developer: Corel
Program size: 342 MB
Program language: supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
  Windows 10- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Free
Category : Image editing software , Computer programs, computer software 2019
Download 2019Corel Painter to design professional images for PC from here:-

Corel Painter is the latest version for editing and creating images


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