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Download Chicory A Colorful Tale Adventure Game for PC – FitGirl Version – kzaplay

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Download Chicory A Colorful Tale Adventure Game for PC – FitGirl Version 

Download Chicory A Colorful Tale game
Download with direct link

Chicory A Colorful Tale adventure game will give you an adventure experience with top to bottom gameplay.You can move in the colorful game world and use your great powers.You can discover new places and solve puzzles.You need to help your friends make a difference in the world.During the story, something terrible happens and takes you on a big mission.There is a big city in the game with big paintings on its walls and you have the task to explore such a city.

Your new abilities will be unlocked in the Chicory A Colorful Tale adventure game and you can use them to reach new locations.Use your collectibles and unlock more than 100 new characters.The game has 10 hours of exciting gameplay and the sub-stages will have an enjoyable experience.You can have tasks like delivering messages, attending art classes, taking pictures, and more.Play with your friends and try to cooperate.The game has an attractive sound and music system and is inspired by other successful businesses.The variety of characters in the game is also interesting.

Chicory A Colorful Tale adventure game has a lot of charm due to its simple graphics and cartoons, and you may be able to use it to entertain your kids as well.The combination of colors used to further define the environment also creates a good segregation system between the game worlds.

Game video

FitGirl Compact Features:

  • Based on the official Steam v1.0.0.53 release, HotFix has been compressed along with the game’s soundtrack album.
  • Nothing has been deducted from the game.Nothing is converted or encoded.Everything is based on official MD5 game data.
  • The game size has been reduced from 1.6 GB to 1.1 GB.
  • The installation time will be about two minutes.
  • The space required after the complete installation of the game is 1.6 GB.
  • At least 2 GB of free RAM space is required to install the game.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a top-down adventure game in the world of coloring books where you can draw on anything.Use your drawing powers to explore new places, solve puzzles, help your friends, and change the world!

Something terrible happened.Dandelion, star artist and carrierbrushlost, and with it all the color of the earth disappeared.It’s up to you, Chicory’s number one fan, to pick up the brush and fill it up.It’s a big job…but you’re ready for it!likely

Required order

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: 7+

Processor: toaster or better

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Graphics: very good

DirectX: version 9.0

Storage: 2 GB available space

Sound Card: Yes sure

Additional Notes: This game is good

Recommended system:

Processor: We highly recommend using a computer instead of a toaster

File information
  • File size: 1.1 GB
  • Release date: JUN-10-2021
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