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Download CherryPlayer, a video and audio player – kzaplay

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Download Cherry Player to play TV and radio channels on your computer

CherryPlayer is one of the distinguished multimedia programs that helps you play all kinds of audio files and videos. The program has won the admiration of millions of computer users due to its professional design and distinctive and advanced tools that it provides. The program interface is simple and contains all the necessary tools to play videos easily without complications. The program helps you in Full control over video playback by speeding up the video or slowing it down. You can also stop playback at the time you like with complete control of the volume, whether by increasing or decreasing the volume. The program displays a playlist that allows you to put audio and video files in it to be played consecutively, the program A free multimedia player that is available to everyone without fees or money and is very convenient and has become a strong competitor to the popular multimedia drivers and may become your favorite program for playing audios and videos. And the videos you want easily.


The program is light and easy to install and does not take a few minutes to install. It also does not consume a lot of processor resources and does not cause irritation to the computer. The interface of the program is excellently organized and the left side of it contains a list of radio stations that help you listen to easily. It also includes many accounts for multimedia such as YouTube, SoundCloud and others, which helps you quickly and easily play videos and audio from the previous sites without having to log into your account each time. The program allows you to view videos in high quality in addition to the ability to download videos easily. The program supports many international languages, which helped The spread of the program globally in a short time.

Among the most prominent features of CherryPlayer for PC:
1. The ability to play videos without ads, which causes great comfort while watching videos.
2. Working on many different operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux, which helped in its widespread spread.
3. The company producing the program is constantly updating it to work all the time with high efficiency.
4. The possibility of running TV channels and international radio stations in high quality.

The program supports many video and audio formats such as MP3, MP4 and AVI, which allows playing videos on the computer, flash drives, CDs or DVDs, in addition to the ability to play videos from websites directly without the need for auxiliary programs

CherryPlayer version information for PC
Software version: CherryPlayer 2.5.6
Release date: May 2019
Developed by: CherryPlayer
Program size: 27.5 MB
Software license: Free
Category: Free computer programs, computer programs 2019, video and multimedia programs

Download CherryPlayer for PC for free from the official website :-

CherryPlayer is a program that specializes in playing high-quality video


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