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Download BWMeter 9.0.0 . Internet Speed ​​Meter – kzaplay

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Download BWMeter Internet Speed ​​Meter 2020
BWMeter is one of the programs that displays a complete analysis of both the network and the Internet connection, monitoring the volume of data flow for devices connected to the network and the Internet, the used bandwidth, and monitoring the number of users on the Internet. BWMeter is very important for personal use as it provides you with all the data used and all movements The program also measures the speed of the Internet and gives complete statistics for use, whether when downloading files from the Internet or in the case of uploading files to the Internet, and the program deals with many Internet networks such as LAN, ADSL, Dial-Up and gives a complete analysis of each network movement Like hostile movements, hacking and viruses, BWMeter is a great program for measuring internet speed and it is an experimental program.

program BWMeter 2017

The program works to download the amount of data used and the parties that use the Internet most, and to provide information about the protocols used, and you can restrict the movement and speed of the Internet by setting the maximum allowed speed and preventing access and browsing certain sites on some links on the network.

And through the program, you can also know the amount of data that is used from Internet servers, the program is an important tool for every Internet network, whether in companies or homes in order to monitor traffic and surf the Internet and obtain statistics for all data downloads on the computer and it was recently updated and improved The feature of accurate detection of the local IP of the network when opening the program for the first time and updating the Internet definitions.

Program version informationBWMeter for PC
Software version: BWMeter 9.0.0
Release date: november2020
Developed by: DeskSoft
Program size: 1.0 MB
Program language: supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Trial
Categories: Net Software, Computer Software

Download BW Meter for free for PC from here :-

BWMeter program helps you to know and measure the speed of the Internet with ease


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