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Download Baidu Spark Browser 2016 for free – kzaplay

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Baidu Spark Browser is one of the lightest Internet browsers that helps you browse different websites and pages with high speed and ease in loading pages. With other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, which is characterized by easy control and setting of the browser to be able to safely enter the different pages and open pages that contain Java and Flash files, Baidu Spark Browser is characterized by a very high speed and is produced by Baidu company, and it contains many distinctive features such as playing videos without problems and downloading audio files with ease through a download tool integrated with the program, saving data and consuming device resources while using the Internet.

Baidu Spark Browser 2016

One of the advantages that the program enjoys is opening a separate window when playing the video, which helps to load other pages on the browser at a better speed, and more than one web page can be opened at the same time through the new tab, and it is easy to maintain privacy by clearing records Browse the Internet, the possibility of creating a favorite for the sites you visit frequently, which facilitates the process of accessing sites very quickly and saving time.
Why should you use Beidou Spark Browser:
Regarding previous personal experiences with the program, it is a program that develops itself frequently. In the new versions of the program, you can take screenshots, take your favorite shots, open the last closed page, and ease of dealing with the program for beginners.
Baidu Spark Browser

Program informationBaidu Spark Browser
Developer: Baidu
The program’s official website
Program size: 43.2 MB
Language: Multi-language and supports Arabic
Work environment: All versions of Windows
الاصدار :  Baidu Spark Browser 43.22.1000.436
Free version

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DownloadBaidu Spark Browser 2016 Mobile
Download Baidu Spark Browser 2016 for free from here

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