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About Avira System Speedup
The use of the computer is included in all aspects of life, where it is used in work, shops, hospitals and schools, and many people have become enjoying owning a private computer (laptop), and with the increase in computer use, the need for protection programs, eliminating viruses, speeding up the computer and improving its performance has become of great importance, in this article We shed light on the program, which is considered a giant in improving computer performance, increasing its speed, and getting rid of unwanted files and programs.

Avira System Speedup is one of the best programs to improve your computer and increase its efficiency by getting rid of unwanted files and getting rid of malicious software in addition to accessing and completely erasing duplicate files, which increases the storage space on the hard disk, the program is produced by the international company Avira famous for producing Anti-virus programs, computer protection and privacy programs, the program has a powerful search tool that helps in quickly accessing unused programs and malicious programs and work to get rid of them completely safely without leaving any trace of them on the computer, if you are facing the problem of slow computer or frequent irritation or The computer stops continuously while working on it, the magic and effective solution lies in the use of the program, which scans the computer with high accuracy to access and get rid of malware and outdated programs, which increases the speed of the computer and raises its efficiency. The program is easy to use, with a single click you can scan the computer Getting rid of malicious software and increasing the speed of the device in a striking way, as it is distinguished by working in the background, so it does not cause any disruption Henig to the computer also does not consume a lot of processor resources.

Avira System Speedup

Avira System Speed ​​Up program provides a lot of various tools that clean the computer and get rid of all the things that cause stuttering or slow operating system, the program automatically improves the performance of the device and gets rid of problems that affect performance firsthand, which helps you enjoy increasing the speed of the device The computer, the program monitors the performance of Windows drivers and manages the system startup programs to increase the speed of Windows startup, the program defragments the hard disk and also performs a detailed analysis of the storage space occupied by documents and folders on the computer to find out which files occupy large storage space You can also find out the duplicate files that drain hard disk space and work to get rid of these unwanted files, Avira System Speedup is a manager of the operations and services performed by the device, which helps you get rid of unwanted processes, the program helps you get rid of of malware and malicious software and get rid of them permanently without leaving any roots on the computer.

Avira System Speedup Features:
1. Computer Scan: The program carefully scans the computer to get access to unwanted files and duplicate documents that consume a lot of storage space, and then deletes unnecessary files, which saves a lot of space on the hard disk, increases the speed of the computer and improves its efficiency.
2. Clean Windows registry errors: The program detects and corrects all Windows registry errors, which increases the efficiency of the computer and increases its speed. The program defragments the hard disk and controls Windows startup programs.
3. Clear internet browsing history
4. The program maintains your privacy by erasing your internet browsing history, which prevents anyone from knowing the websites or web pages you have visited and increases the speed of internet browsing. The program supports most of the popular internet browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and others.

Program version informationAvira System Speedup
Software version: Avira System Speedup6.7.0.11017
Release Date :October 2020
Developer: avira
Program size: 5.7 MB
Software license: Trial
Categories: Computer Software, Computer Software 2020

Download Avira System Speedup 2020for the computer here

Avira Sespim Speed ​​Up program to speed up the device and clean Windows from errors


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