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Computer programs

Download Auto Screen Capture – kzaplay

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Auto Screen Capture program automatically captures images of the desktop after the time interval you specify, such as capturing and saving them on the computer every ten seconds. The entire desktop screen, active windows, or a specific part of the window, the program saves the desktop images you took inside a specific file on the hard disk, the program supports many different image formats such as BMP, JPEG, EMF, TIFF, WMF, GIF, PNG and others .
Auto Screen Capture

The program helps you to monitor the activities of children on the computer by taking pictures automatically while they are sitting on the device. The program is easy to use and has a simple and attractive interface and does not take long in the installation process. The program is suitable for all computer users, whether professional or amateur, you can close the program with a strong password No one can open it, the program is characterized by the high speed at which pictures are taken, the program includes a photo browser where you can browse all the pictures taken in the program periodically and you can also arrange the display of pictures by size or date, you can change the mode of pictures during display.

The program has a simple interface for easy handling of the distinguished tools for recording video and capturing high-quality images from the computer and laptop screen, and making explanations for various forums and websites.

Program version informationAuto Screen Capture
Software version: Auto Screen Capture
Release date: December2020
Developed by: Gavin Kendall
Program size: 276 KB
Software License: Commercial Trial
Category: computer software

Download a video screen capture programAuto Screen Capturefrom here  :-


Auto Screen Capture is a program that specializes in video capture


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