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Download Audio Driver Download AIMP 4.70 – kzaplay

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Download AIMP player all audio file extensions in high quality
AIMP program to play audio files and MP3 files is one of the free applications that displays information related to the audio file during its playback, such as the product name, size and quality of the audio file and the file’s playback format. It has a simple and distinctive interface and contains many icons that facilitate the process of controlling and managing the audio files and music to be listened to The program works on editing and recording audio files and the ability to convert audio and music file formats to popular formats including MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, DDF, M4A and audio processing.

The IMB program has won the admiration of its users all over the world, as it plays, manages and plays music and audio files with high quality, the ability to insert audio effects on songs and chants, supports recording audio from the microphone, and the ability to copy and burn audio files on CDs, and it is a light program that does not consume From the system and processor resources, the program supports the operation of radio and radio stations on the Internet and the ease of making a list to play and repeat a group of audio files and add or delete an audio file from them. It is a program compatible with various versions of Windows.

Enjoy the program With the interface of use as the interface of the famous media player Winamp, and you can download your free copy of AIMP for free to enjoy playing audio files in high quality. The program has been updated for easy work of albums and a list to play audio files with a single click, the ability to repeat a specific audio file several times and improve performance to play TV channels with high accuracy and the possibility of canceling Calculations related to audio file waves and the addition of improving radio listening when connected to the Internet. It is a free integrated program to play all audio files. Some bugs in the program have been fixed. It is possible that the program crashes while playing damaged files.

It supports the feature of changing the shape of the program through the themes and backgrounds provided by the program, and the possibility of playing the shared stereo if the broadcast rate is set toCBR / ABR, the ability to change the settings for the effects of returning audio files, fixing simple and frequent errors in the program, the possibility of creating a playlist for WPL format audio files, fixing the problem of playing music files with poor performance from the library, updating the library of the program, the ability to play audio files in playlists upside down, and fixing a minor bug.
Information about the version of AIMP for PC
Software version:AIMP 5.00 Build 2342
Release Date :November 2021
Developer: Artem Izmaylov
Program size: 10.4 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Free
Categories: computer programs, video and multimedia programs, computer programs 2021

Download audio player softwareAIMP from here  :-

AIMP for high quality multimedia and video playback


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