Download and explain the best program to play all audio and video formats, downloaded for Windows and Android, QQPlayer 3.7.892.400 free

The Chinese QQ Player program to play media files of all kinds. You can now play all kinds of videos without the need to package the codec. The QqPlayer program provides you with all the codecs to play your favorite videos and movies. You can play the video, whatever its format. Ease, the Arabic qq player program is stable and powerful in playing video and music, and you can also play SWF and FLV flash files, so you can now enjoy watching videos that you downloaded from YouTube, after trying QQPlayer for more than 6 months We found it a very powerful program in playing all types of known media files, so I highly recommend it. QQ Player is one of the best free media programs for playing music, video and flash.
With QQPlayer, you will no longer find difficulty in playing video and multimedia files. Say goodbye to codec errors. Through the qq player program, you can play all kinds of video and music. Of course, the program is designed by a Chinese company, so you will find it in Chinese, but do not worry. We have localized the QQPlayer program, you can now install and enjoy the Arabic QQPlayer program, which is Arabized to access and know all the functions of the program and we will mention some of them, you can take pictures from the video with ease and you can also take animated GIF images from the video for any shot you like And you can also take a picture with thumbnails of the video clips and what it contains, and this helps you to display the video content in one picture to your friends over the Internet.

Another advantage is that you are able to control the display and screen sizes, and you can also choose a beautiful style for the QQPlayer program. It contains many wonderful templates that give beauty to your device while you enjoy watching your favorite videos. QQ Player allows you to convert video clips and Extract the audio from the video and you can also combine your favorite videos into one video, and QQ Player offers you the feature of compressing the video to the maximum extent possible while maintaining the video quality.

QQ Player comes with its endless features. It offers you support for installing all types of subtitle files (Srt, Ass, Ssa) on your favorite movies. QQ Player is a good player for subtitles. You can install subtitles manually or name the subtitle file with the same name as the video file so that the program recognizes the Subtitles automatically. QQPlayer also allows you to search for subtitles via the Internet. It offers you an advanced search engine. You can enter the name of the movie and let the program show you all the subtitle files available on the Internet. QQ Player also offers you the feature of distorting the subtitles integrated with the movie. So you can install a new subtitle on the movie, and you can also control the type, color and transparency of the subtitle line and control the subtitle position on the movie.

The giant QQ Player program supports converting 2D movies to 3D movies by using red and blue dual colors in a superimposed way. Supports 3D video playback and viewing glasses to enjoy watching 3D movies and go beyond the world of imagination.

The QQ Player program, to say the least, is wonderful, and after trying it, you will never be able to do without it. It gives you a comprehensive solution in playing video and music with high quality and accuracy. Now you can download the QQ Player program with localization and enjoy playing the multimedia files that you on your device and do not forget to spread it among your friends because it is the most powerful and first solution in getting rid of codec problems and the problems of not being able to play video and audio files. With QQPlayer, you will find yourself comfortable to the extreme.

Features of QQ Player:
1. The most important formulas and extensions:
QQ Player can play all video, audio and flash file formats and extensions, including the following: swf, flv, wmv, mkv, vob, avi, mp4, ifo, wm, ts, rm, mov, rp, rt, qt, tp, rpm, wmp, pva, 3g2, pmp, 3gp, evo, mts, vp6, asf, bik, tpr, csf, pss, m4b, ram, m1v, scm, m4p, m2v, amv, m4v, mod, qpl, mpe, mpg, smi, m2p, divx, m2ts, 3gp2, 3gpp, rmvb, mp2v, mpeg, mpv2, smil , mpeg4

2. Take a screenshot of the video:
You can watch the video and take pictures in high quality and save them on your device with the extension BMP and JPG, and you can also control the choice of where to save the captured image on your device

3. Visualize snapshots of a video in a single image:
This feature is great and very fun as you can take a group of snapshots that include all the video in one picture, and this saves you the trouble of explaining the content. It is enough to show one picture to your friends in which a group of snapshots shows the content of the video.

4. Take an Animated GIF:
This feature allows you to select a clip from your favorite video and convert it into an animated GIF image, so that you can select a time range of no more than 10 seconds from the video and convert it into an animated GIF.

5. Video and audio trimming:
You can choose a range for a clip of your favorite video, cut it, convert it with high quality, and save it on your device in several formats, including MP4, FLV, AVI, 3GP, WMV. The program also gives you the option to save the audio only without the video and save it on the device with the extension MP3, WMA .

6. Convert video:
QQ Player allows you to convert videos to MP4 format of all kinds and in high quality, and this helps you transfer videos to your mobile phone or portable media player.

7. Video compression:
QQ Player allows you to compress the video to the maximum extent possible and with high quality to preserve the free space of the hard disk or get rid of the large size of the video files, and not only this, you can compress the video with converting it to several formats, which are MP4, FLV, AVI, 3GP, WMV, before compressing the video, you can control the compression settings such as controlling the length and width of the video, controlling the audio and video quality, and also controlling the video and audio extensions that you want to convert to, all in one job, which is video compression.

8. Merge videos: Do you have videos you want to combine with some favours…! QQ Player can do this so that you can merge many video clips into one video. You can also control the merging options such as controlling the extension of the video and audio you want to convert to, including MP4, FLV, AVI, 3GP, WMV, and for audio, MP3, WMA You can also control the size and quality of the merged video, and I consider QQ Player a powerful solution for merging videos with high quality.

9. A custom list of your favorite media files:
You can customize an endless set of lists in which you put your favorite media files to access them quickly, for example, you can choose a list with the name of a sports video in which you put your favorite sports videos, and you can customize a list with the name of songs to put your favorite songs in it and also you can control the order of the lists As you wish, all this in QQ Player.

A distinctive free program to play all video formats download for Windows and Android QQPlayer 3.7.892.400 free
A distinctive free program to play all video formats download for Windows and Android QQPlayer 3.7.892.400 free
A distinctive free program to play all video formats download for Windows and Android QQPlayer 3.7.892.400 free
Compatible with
Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Server, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP, Android 2.1 and higher
 the size 
MB 29
the Producing company
Download for Windows

Download for Android in APK format

Download from Google Play

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