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Download Action Game for Playstation Payday 2 PS3 – kzaplay

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Payday 2 PS3

Since there is always competition in the gaming world, consoles and their makers are competing with each other. Perhaps the main competitors in the field of gaming console production are Microsoft and Sony.
PlayStation is a popular and old console produced by Sony Japan. The first introduction of this console dates back to the year 1994 and the release of PlayStation 1. With the introduction of this console, many people rushed to the stores.
A few years later, the following versions of this console were presented, one of which was the PlayStation 3. The console was released in 2006, which later lagged behind its Xbox 360 counterpart.
In this article, we have prepared the Payday game series, the second edition of the game, for you.
Payday 2 is an action and shooting style video game.
The game was released by Overkill Software on August 13, 2013 on Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and then released in 2015 for the eighth generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
The story of the game takes place two years after the events of the previous game, called Payday, and this time the characters of the game go to the Washington DC area for a robbery.
Gamer Control controls one of the twelve gang members. Thefts include bank robberies, jewelry stores with armored vehicles, drug production and distribution, artwork and antiques, electoral fraud and corrupt politicians, entering rival gangs, prisons, FBI facilities, rocket launchers, and more. smuggling of weapons and nuclear warheads.
Payday 2’s features include dynamic scenarios, which means if you repeat a mission or stage, you’ll encounter different stories and situations, and there’s no need to repeat that system which added to the game’s appeal. .

game size 3.5giga
To download the game
Password decompress the game


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