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Download Accelerator and Maintenance for Windows Ace Utilities 6.3 – kzaplay

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a program Ace Utilities It is a set of tools that improve system performance. The program is widely known and has won many awards in the field of Windows maintenance and acceleration. The program removes unwanted files in addition to cleaning temporary files, which increases disk space. You can Searching for duplicate files or folders based on file type or size and locating duplicate files on the hard disk, you can exclude important folders and files that have been erased from the computer by mistake, the program makes it easier for you to search for files where you can ignore small files during the search, The program gives a detailed analysis of the contents of the hard disk, and this is represented by a graph for ease of understanding.

Ace Utilities preventsTo prevent malicious programs from running during startup, the program cleans the system registry by removing invalid programs from the Windows registry or repairing repairable changes, which increases the speed of the device and makes it more stableThe program performs an analysis of the files that you can delete and shows the space that can be cleaned from the hard disk, the program easily controls the Windows startup programs, the program helps you browse the Internet safely and preserve your privacy by clearing browsing history and cache and also cleans the usage paths that keep It has Windows, the program supports many Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and others, the program deletes files securely, prevents the recovery of deleted files, clears the Recycle Bin and erases any trace of its contents, The program is compatible with many Windows operating systems.

Ace Utilities

Additions in the latest update

1- Start the program faster
2- Clear the Trash tool in Settings
3- Fixed a bug with scanning information in the middle of the page.
4- Improvements in the user interface.
5- Add a StartupApproved tool to erase the damaged items

Ace Utilities version information
Software version: Ace Utilities 6.3.0 Build 291 RC1
Release date: September 2016
Developed by: HariKrishnan
Program size: 6.35 MB
Program language: supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Beta
Categories: computer software, computer software 2016, device cleaning software

Download Ace Utilities for free for PC
DownloadAce Utilities Remove programs from the root of the computer from here

Download Ace Utilities 2016 to speed up and remove malicious programs from your computer


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