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Computer programs

Distinguished programs for voice and video calls on the computer – kzaplay

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If you are interested in running audio and video calls on the computer through the auxiliary programs that provide these capabilities, then this topic will put in your hands the most important programs for playing audio and video calls on the computer, which enjoy high quality in sound and video quality and do not need To great possibilities in running, sending and receiving calls directly and accurately, and the most important of these programs will be discussed the most important characteristics of these programs and how to run them on the computer properly.

Skype is the first program
Sky Yi is one of the most famous programs that help you communicate with your friends through calling, texting, voice chatting and video calls, and it is the best choice for communication between a group of friends in one chat. The video is of distinct quality and clarity, so the program is considered the first choice for communication between friends and free calls through the computer. The program is easy to run on the computer. You only need an account through Microsoft or create an account from your electronic mail, and the program works to receive communications From any country and you will not find it blocked in any country.


You can download Skype from here Download Skype 

The second program is ViberViber
– The viber program is a free tool that is also used to communicate with your friends through voice and video calls, and it is similar in characteristics to the Skype program, but this program is characterized by the presence of expressive graphics within the program and the ease of communication and searching for friends, so you can deal with the program Easily after creating a new account through your phone with easy and simple steps, the program works through a connected window on the computer. Now the only problem with the program is the blocking of its services in some Arab countries.

Viber for PC

You can download Viber from hereDownload Viber

The third program is Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger
– Facebook Messenger is not just an Android or a computer browser program through which you can communicate in text with your friends, it has recently added the feature of voice and video calling through the camera, and whether the connection is made through the browser or through the Facebook Messenger program that is installed on the computer And it is an unofficial application. What we are talking about is the application located on the official Internet browser from Facebook. You can make video calls in high quality, search past conversations, and control emojis and fonts.

To run Facebook Messenger from the web, click here Facebook web
Other programs will be added within the topic so that you can experience video and audio calls on the computer.


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