Distinctive Android apps that will improve your smartphone experience

There are many Android applications that are full of all websites, very few of them are what can improve your experience on the Internet, very few of them can take you a long way in terms of ease and benefit, we try through this brief article to present you the most prominent Android applications that you can It is to live a beautiful and rich experience with everything that makes your life easier and closer to achieving and achieving what you love.
Distinctive Android apps that will improve your smartphone experience
Below I have chosen for you 5 of the best useful Android applications that you can exploit to benefit from your smartphone as much as possible.

Google translate:

This application provides you and your phone with a unique opportunity to pass through everything that you cannot understand from non-Arabic languages, you own a treasure with all the meaning of the word, you can translate any word that hinders you from understanding a sentence or a phrase, but you can go to more than this, where the phrase is translated in a way Complete and topics in general up to 5000 words maximum, have a unique experience with this truly indispensable application.

How to use google traduction without internet on your Android phone

MX Player:

It is one of the most important and indispensable Android applications for any phone, you can now watch any video file you want, with this application you will be able to easily enjoy a unique experience of watching movies and short videos of any format or extension, with many viewing features that are not available in video player applications on your phone.

MX Player

Google Earth:

We continue to talk about Google Android applications, whose usefulness does not end to any extent you can imagine. You can easily browse anywhere on the earth and watch it through the Android Google Earth application, which allows the user to view our planet from space with the possibility of zooming in to the maximum extent possible. The program also provides you with the ability to Traffic to live videos of some famous places, and also provides a triple view of some places and attractions, all through this simple application.

Google Earth

Share it:

One of the most popular Android applications around the world, it has proven itself among different applications as the most powerful and easiest way to transfer files to and from your phone, and from your phone to any other device, including your computer, depending on connection points made via Wi-Fi technology, with this application you will enjoy a simple and elegant experience To swap files, the old hassle of slow and difficult Bluetooth transfer is over.

Share It


A simple, light and indispensable application for any phone, as it enables you to accurately organize your time and maintain your focus without any distraction. Precisely, in advance, and according to a plan you decide, you control your access to many of the applications on your phone, so you have plenty of time that you can use in whatever useful thing you like.


We have presented you with a brief presentation, we hope that you will like the most important thing that you can have on your phone from Android apps,You can also follow the new applications and programs for the Android system on its own section.Android apps

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