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CleanSkinFX is a skin-smoothing and photo-smoothing program – kzaplay

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a program CleanSkinFX It is a free and wonderful program to soften the skin and make your image wonderful with just a click of a button ، For example, if your picture has freckles or wrinkles, this program removes all of this, the program adds a charming touch to the picture, see the picture below before “Original” and after “Result” ….

Do you like it ?!

You certainly liked it, if you download the program from here Then install the program, then run the program, then click on Load, then choose the image, then click OK, then wait for the program to finish, then you will find that the image has become without wrinkles or freckles as if it were a professional image.

The program is not effective in removing skin pimples from the image, but we are in an upcoming topic, God willing. We will review how to remove skin pimples from the image easily. (Explanation is made for Remove skin pimples from photo without programs )

I hope that the topic is useful, and that you like the program.


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