Change your original GPS location to any location you choose on the map – FAKE GPS Android

GPS is a service or tool to accurately determine the location of the owner of the mobile, this technology may be used by some security authorities to track the owner of the device and target him if necessary, or it may be used by hackers to know your exact location on the map, and it is a very useful tool to know where we are In the event that we are lost, it can serve you security in case the phone is stolen in tracking its location, but if you want to deceive the sites and services that depend on this service to track you and know your location, you can.
Executing this trick on your phone is as follows:

First, go to the phone settings and then “Developer Options” and then choose the “Allow false location” option. When you check this option, you allow applications to fake your original location, and there are many applications for this service, including FAKE GPS.

The application called fAKE GPS helps you to change your location or where you are in all applications, and you may need this to talk with your friends from several countries around the world in communication applications that show you only friends close to you.

When you turn on FAKE GPS for the first time you can select the desired (fake) location by double-clicking on the screen, this is how you can deceive your websites and social networks.

You can download the application from here:

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