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Best SwiftKey Keyboard Alternatives for Android and iPhone – kzaplay

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SwiftKey or SwiftKey in Arabic was and may still be one of the most popular keyboards, whether on Android or iOS, and even before Microsoft acquired it four years ago, the panel received a lot of praise from its users, thanks to its great features, most notably To name a few, scroll typing, AI-powered prediction, cloud storage support, auto-correction, bilingual typing, unlimited customization options, and much, much more.

On the other hand, and it is right to be said, that at that time Swiftkey was in its place because there were no competing keyboards coming with these features, but in our times, we now have a lot of alternatives that are no less good than Swiftkey if not better, so if you are finding it difficult Big on keeping up with the options and selecting the right one for you, you are in the right place. In this new article, we will cover a handful of the most important and best alternatives to the SwiftKey Panel, whether on Android or iOS, and let’s directly start with the first alternative.

1. Gboard

The first alternative and how it is not, is Gboard, the default panel of Google, and since its launch, the panel has gained its place as one of the best alternatives to Swiftkey, thanks to the features coming with it, most notably its support for scrolling writing, its support for GIF animation, as well as its inclusion of the Google search engine This makes it easy to search and pull up search results without more navigation, and as with SwiftKey, Gboard also predicts your phrases and makes suggestions based on your typing habits.

More importantly, Google Panel has the best automatic error correction, with options to search for emojis and gifs, aligning with the fact that Gboard currently supports more than 300 different languages ‚Äč‚Äčaround the world, and this makes it the best fit for all users around the world.

2. FancyKey

A perfect alternative to SwiftKey that you can rely on without others, and of course each keyboard has its own features and capabilities, here if you are one of the users who are looking for complete customization, in all honesty and seriousness, just take a look at the theme store of this keyboard, where You can customize the panel’s main look, color, background, shadow, sound, font, etc. Apart from the customization options, FancyKey Panel supports auto-correction features, swipe typing, gestures, expressive keyboard, and keyboard layouts like QWERTY, AZERTY, and QWERTZ.

However, the FancyKey panel has limited support for languages, it only supports about 30 languages, and it does not include bilingual typewriter support, and it is worth noting that this panel is available for free download with its support for optional internal purchases to unlock more themes and customization.

3. Flexible

Another alternative, which in our view is a keyboard worth trying and looking at, and what distinguishes it from the rest of the other keyboards, is its advent with the feature of automatic word learning, so there will be quality and speed in providing suggestions and predictions based on what you are used to or overwrite with, and if you did not know, Where officially the tablet won a record in the “Guinness” records for being one of the fastest keyboards on smartphones.

And it does not stop there, as the Fleksy panel is known for its support for extensions, as well as for the fact that it includes support for various keyboard formats ‚ÄúQWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, Dvorak and Colemak‚ÄĚ, and if we talk about customization, there are many of these tools that offer an experience Purely personal.

4. Grammarly

If you want to keep your messages, emails, and documents error-free, Grammarly is the way to go, and while it has minimal features, it is the number one debugging process that relies on using grammar. Grammar, on the other hand, this Grammar panel includes an emoji section, and while it lacks many of the features found in SwiftKey such as swipe typing, the panel will undoubtedly improve your skills and help you understand your mistakes.

5. Go Keyboard

If you are one of those people who are looking for an alternative to SwiftKey that excels in the aspect of customization and a smooth typing experience, then you should definitely try Go Keyboard, as it has more than 10,000 colorful themes and all kinds of components to allow you to design your keyboard. Given this support, Go Keyboard can be said to outperform Swiftkey, and not only that, but also in the number of emojis, GIFs, and fonts.

As for the typing experience, the Go Keyboard features a simple interface that is easy to master and ensures support for multiple layouts such as QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY, and just like SwiftKey, the panel also provides real-time predictions to speed up your typing, support for voice input, and more. Go Keyboard is only for Android and is free to download.

6. Kika Keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard is famous for customization so if you are a fan of it, we recommend you to try Kika keyboard, which is known primarily as an emoji keyboard, however, the keyboard includes all the bases covered to be a useful tool for you, as it has more than 8000 themes, with its support To customize the entire interface as desired, in addition to that, you have plenty of cool stickers and fonts to use.

And when it comes to typing, just experiment, Kika Keyboard will be up to the task just like SwiftKey, and it will also make the most of artificial intelligence to improve accuracy, eliminate grammatical errors and most importantly speed up the typing process.

7. iKeyboard

The latest alternatives in this group, and may not be as feature-packed as SwiftKey, however, the iKeyboard is equally effective when it comes to offering a simplified typing experience, and what is appreciated for the panel, is its support for swipe gestures, which play a crucial role in Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtyping, for example, you can use a side gesture to easily switch symbols/characters, or swipe down to get rid of the keyboard.

In terms of accurate prediction, automatic word correction, and even in terms of customization, the iKeyboard panel is very close to SwiftKey, and perhaps one of its unique features is its support for setting personal typing sounds, besides, there are also some themes that can be activated on the main interface, in turn this panel is available on iOS only.


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