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Best photo editing software – kzaplay

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When we talk about image-editing programs, we find that the majority use Photoshop, but now we have many other free programs for editing images, installing images and adding effects to them, and are also easy for the average user, and today we will review the best free image-editing programs.

A while ago we posted a topic with the title Designing images without software , which is a set of online tools that allow you to modify and design your image without programs, but now we will review the best programs for designing and modifying images, which are free and easy to use programs that do not need explanations, you can use them as a user Normal .

1 – Paint.NET

simply a program Paint.net It is a free masterpiece, even if you are a professional using Photoshop, this program will add to you a lot. The program contains a wonderful set of effects, in addition to the wonderful and easy-to-use shape, in addition to the possibility of lightening the image, in addition to re-sizing the image. Or cut the image, in addition to writing in Arabic on the images, the program supports the Arabic language and many features, so as not to overwhelm you, I advise everyone to try this program 馃檪 . ( downloading programs ) .

2 – Photoscape

Photoscape is one of the best free programs for editing and modifying images, as it is the most popular, and the program supports the Arabic language, and contains many features that make it really the best of its kind, and although it is simple, light and easy to use, but it combines all the programs Edit Pictures . (To read more about the program and download through a topic The famous photo-editing program Photoscape )

3 – Photopos

a program Photopos It is a free photo editing program, and there is a paid version of the program with additional features that are also available for free ( currently ) The program contains many effects and a set of image editing tools, and the program contains a set of filters, and the program contains many brushes ( downloading programs )

4 – GIMP

a program GIMP It is a very popular program, known as the free Photoshop, and this is because it is very similar to Photoshop, a beautiful and light program on the device, containing many filters, design and image modification tools, and it is open source. ( downloading programs )

5 – PhotoFiltre

a program PhotoFiltre It is a wonderful and light image editing and design program on your device, small in size and does not consume device resources, contains many wonderful effects and filters, and is easy to use ( downloading programs )

Now what is your favorite program, I hope everyone can participate by placing a checkmark next to their favorite program at the bottom and then clicking on vote.

I hope that the topic has won your admiration, and that the programs are useful for you.


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