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Apex Legends is officially coming to smartphones and heading to an unexpected market. – kzaplay

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Apex Legends is officially coming to smartphones and heading to an unexpected market.

Apex Legends is officially coming to smartphones and heading to an unexpected market

We had previously, through a separate topic a few moments ago, touched on details and data provided by EA, where the latter benefited through lengthy report About the details of its financial income during this year and how the company was able to offer us an important number of new games, as well as incomes that were not at the level of expectations. But through this report, we noticed that the general management of the company really has all confidence in the game Apex Legends In order to reap more users, which was addressed through a special paragraph from here the report when the company confirmed that it actually has plans to give players a different experience through the game through the second season, which is expected to be launched around next June. .

As it is expected to transfer us to a more in-depth experience in terms of content, such as obtaining new weapons and additional characters, more improvements have been made in us regarding the map and other very important capabilities, as the team confirmed that it plans to give players the opportunity to delve into the latter on smartphones. Through the iOS system was also Android.

The game will be launched on these devices soon, adding that they also want to go to a market that is no less than the rest of the global markets, and here we are talking about China, where the team aims to search for a very capable publisher of the market there to work together with the company in order to search for greater prospects for the game Apex Legends There in China.

where is The biggest tank of players on the PC In the world, and such a step would be distinct for the Apex Legends game as a whole and guarantee its continuity for at least a few years in terms of income. Why not, of course, a bright independent one that is waiting for Apex Legends game, where the latter is expected to provide us with more content in the next from The most famous and we are here of course in order to cover every big and small about it,, Greetings.


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