Antivirus protection for Android and iPhone smartphones

Welcome, viruses threaten you, my friend. Be careful of them. Even the Android & iOS smartphone operating systems have not been spared from the danger of viruses and malicious software. Viruses and after the hints that tell you that your device is carrying a virus or malicious software, in addition to some tips for preventing and bypassing viruses on your smartphone.
Antivirus protection for Android and iPhone smartphones

First, how do you know that your smartphone has a virus? Is there a virus on your Android phone or iPhone or whatever its system? These tips that indicate the presence of a virus or malicious software on a smartphone apply to all systems, including computer or computer systems such as Windows, Mac or Linux.

Symptoms indicating that your phone has a virus or malware:

Ads appearing:

Most virus programmers think of financially benefiting from their productions by placing advertisements on the victim’s phone, whether in the notification bar or within some applications or even widgets, if you make sure that the advertisements you see are from the application you are using.


The owner of the virus also benefits by directing you to an Internet page of his choice while browsing the Internet without doubting it. If you notice that you are suddenly redirected to an advertisement page or a page for an unknown site repeatedly, the virus may be the cause.

Excessive use of data:

If the virus exploits you in one of the two previous ways, it is natural that it will consume more Internet data. If you see that the volume of data usage is increasing rapidly and you are not benefiting from what you consume, the virus may also be the reason.

Battery drain speed:

Also, if you notice that the charging percentage drops suddenly and quickly, it may be that a virus on your phone is working on it.

Suddenly disappearing files and photos:

Some viruses do not have a physical purpose for their owner, but rather work to sabotage your content only. You may delete or modify your files without your knowledge.

Prevention, avoidance and antivirus on the smartphone:

Antivirus protection for Android and iPhone smartphones
Prevention is always better than cure, so be careful before you install a virus on your phone, do not download unknown applications if, and try to avoid as much as possible installing applications and games from unknown sources or sites you do not trust, always beware of pop-up advertising pages that may tell you that you have won Phone or participate to win this… They are often false ads, try to always install the necessary applications from the official store of your phone (Google Play for Android) if available.

Antivirus applications:

Do not make your phone devoid of antivirus or antivirus, and try to use a powerful application for this purpose, as there are many free programs that help you protect your phone.

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Phone and app updates:

Always stay informed of the latest updates of your smartphone to the latest version, and do not hesitate to update every application you received its new version, as it often fills the gaps in the updates.
Disabling the powers of root or jailbreak: If you are new to the world of smartphones, then there is a need to root your Android device, especially if you do not need it. The same is true for the jailbreak on the iPhone iOS system, at least the virus will not have all the powers on your phone.

Application Permissions:

Each application has permissions that it performs on your phone, and it always asks you to agree to those permissions upon installation, but I do not think that you read that, but rather install applications directly and agree without hesitation. Permission management application.

In the end, I would like to point out that the applications and games available on the official stores, especially Google Play, are no longer safe either. Rather, they must be banned, while the Apple Store or the AppStore and Apple phones in general remain safer.

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