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An app with amazing features to spy on phones remotely – kzaplay

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Recently, spyware tools for mobile devices have increased. As you know, this type of service provides a way to discreetly find out about someone else’s behavior, perhaps employees at work, or children as a form of parental control, or even use it between spouses… Is there a problem?! Generally, this type of service also does not require the observer to implant a device in the target person’s clothing – it just depends on a small application that is installed in that person’s phone and gives him all the permissions that enable him to monitor any activity that occurs, and then all these activities will be recorded and displayed for a remote observer. But is it possible to rely on any application? naturally No Otherwise, you will not be the only one spying on the target person. So let’s show you the Hoverwatch app that can be really depended on to do the job perfectly, as it ensures complete confidentiality of the spying process as you will discover with us.

Hoverwatch is a high-level Android app in terms of remote spying, basic and easy to use to monitor almost everything the target person is doing on the mobile, and it also carries a very large number of unique features that you will not find in any other competitor app. Property Hidden Phone Tracker It is a strong reason to rely on it, a feature that if you enable it it becomes almost impossible for the target person to find the application; So that he is never aware that someone is spying on his phone.

Of course, there are a lot of such unique features, it is able to record calls, monitor messages, spy on WhatsApp, spy on Facebook Messenger, in addition to tracking the geographical location in real time, spy on the camera, spy on browsing history, and the observer can take a screenshot (Screenshot) whenever he wants. Moreover, the app allows you to monitor 5 devices simultaneously from one account.

So, we can briefly say about it the best way at the moment to spy on devices remotely. But now let’s take a closer look and learn how to use it so that you have even a little idea about the performance of the application.

First: Set up the application on the target phone

If you get excited about spying after reading the previous lines, the first thing to keep in mind before starting is that it is essential that you be able to get hold of the target person’s phone so that you plant the spying app in it. So be careful not to get monitored for at least two minutes – just enough to go through the next necessary steps to install the app.

First, before downloading the app, you will need to create an account on the Hoverwatch website through which you can monitor this device and any other devices associated with it. All you have to do is head to The official website of the application To create a free account by pressing the Sign Up button, I advise you to do this step through your phone or your laptop and not through the target phone. After logging in, you will be presented with two options: the Download button and a short link. If you take my advice, access this link from the target phone via the browser app. But if you are logged into your account from the target device, press the Download button. In both cases, the application will be downloaded directly.

Hoverwatch will be downloaded in Apk format under a pseudonym as a disguise!! Where you will find the name of the application Sync Service and in fact I salute the developers of the application for choosing this name! Also, the icon alone negates any possible suspicion and makes the target person think that it is a system related service. Let’s get over it now, click on the “Install” button after reading the required permissions which simply shows that the app is able to collect all the information you need when you are spying. After the installation is complete, press the “Open” button to start setting up and configuring the application.

When you launch the Hoverwatch app – which is also Sync Service – for the first time it will ask you to select who you want to spy, giving you three options: My kid’s on your children, Employee on workers and employees, or My own device on your personal device. Select what you want, and then tick the Hide Hoverwatch icon option to make the application invisible on the phone. After completing that, click on the “Agree” button, then accept the terms of use by placing a check mark in front of I have read and understood the terms and clicking on the “I Accept” button. From the screen that will appear in front of you now select what you want to record and monitor on this device. You can select all or some of the options, knowing that you can modify these items later through the control page.

After pressing the “OK” button, you will be asked to enter your Hoverwatch account login information, then press the Activate button to log in. When you have completed this step, the Installation complete window will appear which contains a four-digit PIN code. This code you must keep and remember as long as you choose to make the app invisible, through this code you can run the app on the target phone secretly, in fact, this is the only way to open the app. When you need to, open the connection screen and then type this PIN code between #### and after pressing the call button, the application will open. Generally, now after saving this code and pressing the OK button it will ask you to give access to the “Sync Service” app and press OK and then activate the button in front of “Allow Usage Access”

After completing the application of the previous step, another window will appear confirming that the Sync Service application will start recording everything that is displayed on the screen, when it appears press the “Start Now” button and thus the setup of the phone spy application is completed. After that, you will only need to click on the menu button at the top and then choose “Close” from the drop-down list to exit the application. And that’s it, like I said, it just takes a few minutes. Now it’s time to keep an eye on everything going on on this phone.

Second: start remote monitoring

Once the app is successfully installed on the target phone, you can start monitoring everything from the control panel. Access to the control panel does not require the installation of a program or an application – it is via a website, like any other web service, and displays in a simple way all the information collected from the phone. So, all you have to do now is head over to the link.”i.hoverwatch.comVia any web browser and then log into your account on the service.

After logging in successfully, you can start monitoring the activity of the target from the control panel page that appears in front of you on the screen that is divided into several sections, the most important of which is certainly the Reports section, which contains a Timeline with all the reports collected since the first day of spying. If this person makes a call, you will see in front of you everything you want to know about this call starting from the time, date, number, duration of the call and where the call was made. You can also press the Play Audio button to hear both parties speak very clearly.

If this person talks to someone via WhatsApp, or via Messenger, or writes a new post on Facebook, or writes an email, you will see a screenshot in front of you on the dashboard page while this action occurs. This may make you feel like you are sitting right behind this person. In addition, in the Reports section you will see for yourself every website that this person has visited, even if they are using the “incognito” feature. Note that the app also takes a picture with the front camera every few minutes (by default, it’s every 10 minutes but you can change this in settings) so on the homepage you may find several photos of the person using their phone.

If you go to the Locations section of the Dashboard page, you’ll be able to track where that person, or specifically a phone, is on the map. You can follow it in real time and see where it goes if it is determined by Google Maps. Not only that, but it also shows you the last places it was, the time and date, and the name of the WiFi network it is connected to. You can also play like a video that shows you exactly the movements of that person on a given day. And if you ever forget to track a location, you can use the history that the app creates.

In the Calendar section you will see in front of you all the events and appointments that have been set on the calendar by this person. But if you go to the Contacts section, you will be able to see all your saved contacts, whether on WhatsApp, on Messenger, on the phone memory, or on the SIM card. The application shows you the name, number and time of saving the selected contact.

Through the Settings section, you can make some adjustments to the spy app installed on the target phone, you can change the period of taking a picture with the front camera, and screenshot images, you can also activate access to more powers and completely control the phone’s activity. From the same section you can also update the application and see if the phone is available for monitoring or not, as the target phone must be connected to the Internet to send information.

Third: Hoverwatch Premium Pricing Plans

You will discover for yourself with time that Hoverwatch is really a fantastic and special spying application, as it provides you with very many details and information, and it may be useful at times if you use it for parental control for the safety of your child. Hoverwatch is free to use for the first 4 days only. After that, you have to start subscribing to the offered price plans to get a longer usage period. If you want to use it personally and spy on only one device for a month, it will cost you $25 or $100 if you decide to continue spying for a whole year. Whereas if you want to spy on 5 devices, you will have to pay $50 per month, while the price will reach $150 if you want to subscribe to the Business plan which allows you to spy on 25 devices at the same time. And let me tell you that the features offered by the application are worth these prices, generally providing 4 days as a trial period will give you a clearer idea of ​​the performance to decide if it is worth the money and continue to use it or not.


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