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Computer programs

Advanced SystemCare computer cleaning and acceleration program – kzaplay

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Program to improve computer performance and remove irregularitiesAdvanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is a great tool to optimize, clean and speed up your computer. The program helps your computer recover from many different problems. The program cleans your computer from all kinds of harmful, duplicate and unwanted files, which increases storage space on the hard drive. The program increases the speed of the Internet to enjoy fast browsing and playing games and videos from the Internet easily. The program quickly scans and scans Windows startup items to get rid of unnecessary elements that increase the startup time.

Once the program is installed, a new resource manager is added to monitor computer performance by monitoring RAM, CPU and hard disk conditions and quickly finish unnecessary tasks to free up more storage space and make computers run smooth and fast, the program expands the detection database The program also helps you to browse safe and smooth without various online threats and get rid of annoying pop-up ads, the program protects your privacy against theft of personal information and important files.

Supports programAdvanced SystemCare has many languages ​​in the main interface of the program, including Arabic and English, and it contains many additional features such as blocking annoying ads on Internet browsers and increasing protection while browsing websites from any browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

When starting the program on the computer, the program will show the tools that it can perform, and therefore you can perform the tasks you want from the Advanced SystemCare program in scanning the computer, such as checking the files that are running at the start of the computer and the damaged files saved on the computer that are not A benefit for it in order to be able to remove them from the computer, check system files, check hard disk and registry files, and work on repairing damaged files that reduce the ability of the computer when working on it. The program can also check the privacy of files used on the computer, and thus you can protect your important files.

Advanced SystemCare
One of the tools and features that the program uniquely offers is the ability to check computer files from malicious files and spyware and work to solve any problem when there are malicious files on the computer, and the program also works to check Internet files and reduce Internet consumption by giving information About the most important resources that consume your Internet speed.
You can download the computer accelerator program to maintain the system on any Windows operating system such as Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, xp and the program is available a free version that you can use to check the components of the computer and is available in many languages, the most important of which is English.

Program version informationAdvanced SystemCare
Software version: IObit Advanced SystemCare
Release year: February2020
Developer: iobit
Program size: 26.1 MB
Software license: Free
Category :  Computer programs
Download the program to clean and speed up the computerAdvanced SystemCare :-

Advanced SystemCare program to clean irregularities from the hard disk and speed up the computer


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