Activate the Mobilezone service and run 0.facebook for free on Maroc Telecom iam

Since many brothers do not know how to activate Mobilezone on the Maroc Telecom card, today in this topic I will explainThe complete and easy way to activate the Mobilezone service for Maroc Telecom subscribers,Without which it is not possible to talk about something called free internet, as it is necessary to enter the sea of ​​free internet at Maroc Telecom:


How to activate Mobilezone on the card,

First method:

It is to call the customer service 888 (1 dirhams) and choose to link the call with the customer guide by pressing the star button, then ask him to activate the MobileZone service for you on your card, he will ask you: your name, the card number on which you want to activate the service, your phone Completely, for example if your phone is a Nokia type, is it Nokia N95 or Nokia N70 or Nokia 3600 etc… 🙂

Method 2: (not guaranteed)

Call 610 (free of charge)

Then choose Arabic by pressing 1

Then choose Mobilezone by pressing 3

Then confirm your choice by pressing 1
(it can take up to 24 hours to run)

Get your phone settings:

Send INTERNET via SMS to 505. You will receive a first message that we ignore. As for the second, enter it. It will ask you for a code. Type 0000, then press Option, then Enregistré or Install.

Now that you have the Mobilezone service activated, you can try it by entering the two free sites on the service:

Here ends our explanation, and to another new topic, God willing
Stay in God’s safety and care
Your brother is Nouraliqin

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