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Activate “Slow Mode” to control Telegram chat groups

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With the widespread use of the Telegram chat application in the recent period, everyone noticed that there are many useful and wonderful features that the application provides without other applications, which made it worth trying, and these options and features vary between interface customization or privacy options and many chat group control options Within the application, and after we reviewed a group of tricks and hidden features in the Telegram application previously, today we highlight a new feature that may not be known to users of the application, which is the “Slow Mode” feature or slow mode for more control over chat within chat groups.

What is “Slow Mode”?

If you have never managed a group chat between friends, you have certainly been part of a group in one of the situations, and certainly you have noticed that although the presence of groups is useful for chatting between friends or work groups, it can sometimes become annoying if there are a lot of members with A lot of messages sent within a short time, which cause distraction and disturbance sometimes and need more control, management and organization as much as possible. Many messages, it will certainly become out of control and here comes the importance of the “Slow Mode” that the Telegram application provides without other applications.

“Slow Mode” allows the chat group manager to control and reduce the number of messages between members and organize the matter as much as possible by setting a certain period to restrict sending messages from the same member, after each member sends a message, he will not be able to send another message until after that period of time has elapsed In order to allow other members to respond and interact with that message, for example, if that period is specified for one minute, after each member sends a message, a countdown will appear for him after that message for a minute while hiding the send button for a new message and the application will tell him that he will not be able to send any message unless After one minute has passed, and in this way, the number of messages and their flow within the chat group can be controlled.

How to activate “Slow Mode”?

To activate the “Slow Mode” mode, you must be a chat group manager or “Administrator” to have the necessary permissions to control the group’s settings. From within the chat group screen, click on the group name at the top and then click on the edit icon at the top of the screen and then go to the permissions option or “Permissions” at the bottom of the screen and through the “Slow Mode” part, you can specify the time period for setting the mode by dragging the cursor from the “Off” mode to any number you want, which will represent the duration, and the application provides the ability to disable messages from 30 seconds to an hour, depending on the number of Members and the importance of the group.

It is worth noting that the application of this mode will not apply to group administrators, as anyone who has been appointed as a group manager can send messages without limits, but it is also possible to exclude certain members from the command via the “Add Exception” option below and specify the name of the member or members you want to exclude, and after activating The situation is as we mentioned earlier, no member will be able to send two consecutive messages until after the period that you specify in the “Slow Mode” first, and so you can arrange and organize the group more, control the number of messages and reduce inconvenience.


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