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ACDSee Photo Editor – kzaplay

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ACDSee Photo Editor is one of the programs that works on editing and modifying images on the computer and outputting images in a distinctive way, you can take advantage of the program to write on images and modify them, such as cutting images in a professional and distinctive way. Somewhat found in Photoshop, such as the selection tool, which enables you to cut any part of the images, add colors, modify the quality of the image, apply filters to images and modify the available colors to produce distinctive images without defects. The program allows running files that are Export it from Photoshop and run it inside the program.

ACDSee Photo Editor

ACDSee Photo Editor is characterized by the speed of modifying images and removing impurities and defects from images in a way that allows you to reuse images again and among the defects, the red color of the eye that appears when taking pictures from the mobile, or writing on images in any language you want and adding effects One of the most important features of the program’s main interface is that it has a collection of the most prominent tools that facilitate access to editing tools and ease of managing all images available on the computer and ease of sharing with friends or e-mail without problems and ease of creating an album From images on the computer and dealing with many image formats such as png, jpg, which are the most prevalent in image formats, and the possibility of displaying a group of images through the program in preparation for modification or adding and modifying the colors of the images such as black and white.

Program informationACDSee Photo Editor
Developed by: ACD
License: Trial
Version : ACDSee Photo Editor 11.1 Build 97
Size: 105Megabyte
Program last update: February2020
Compatibility: The program is compatible with all versions of Windows
Language: Multilingual
Categories: computer software, computer software 2020,

Download photo editor softwareACDSee Photo Editor1.5 MB in size

ACDSee Photo Editor is a program specialized in editing and writing on images


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