A very cool application that prevents anyone sitting next to you from watching the content of the screen!!

We all have that friend who, when sitting with him, starts watching your phone screen while browsing it, and this of course constitutes a great inconvenience to the owner of the phone, but in today’s post you will prevent anyone sitting next to you from watching the content of your phone while you are browsing, it is important to do.
android privacy screen apps to hide screen at public places

All we need in today’s post is the privacy screen application, the idea of ​​the application is simply to hide all the content of the screen except for a specific area that you choose, so that the intruder will not be able to see what the screen contains.

After downloading the application from the link at the bottom of the post, you click on its icon and then you will see that the entire screen content has been hidden except for a rectangle that you specify its size and the place where you want it to be.


When you click on the icon for the options at the top, several options will appear for you. As for the first option, it is for controlling the brightness of the hidden part. So, the higher the brightness, the clearer the screen and the lower the brightness, the black the screen.

There is also the second option, which enables you to change the shape of the visible part from a rectangle to a circle, so that you can adjust its size and location … etc.


So here I end today’s post. If you like the application, please leave a motivational comment. If you do not like it, please describe the thing that you did not like in the comments place, and I will give you a date in a new article and a new topic, God willing… Until then, you stay safe.

download the application; Privacy Screen

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