A great site to check (sites – links – files) and make sure they are free of viruses and hacking

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, dear followers of the Mashrouh website, we all as people use the Internet daily, whether at home or at work, we access a lot of sites and links and download a lot of files, but did you know that many sites do not use https security encryption and a lot of The links, sites or files that we download may be infected with viruses and malicious software.

Dear reader, do not tire of my talk or my articles on information security, I convey to you everything I have learned, and my experience in this very important field now in light of the many dangers of the Internet, so I wanted to introduce you to a wonderful and distinguished site through which you can find out whether this site or the site link Is it safe or not, and it can be accessed or not, as well as checking the files that we download before starting to open and use them, and the proposed site today is a site or service VirusTotal Freebies.

The idea here is based on the following example among the many examples spread on the Internet, especially social networking sites, and we see them frequently, such as Download the most dangerous tools for hacking Facebook, you can download hundreds of tools that work 100% from here and you directly click on the link and here is the trick, and the link is hacked or a suspicious link and leads to infecting your device with viruses, so the solution is to use the scan site where this site checks any file on your device or a specific electronic link, and the result of the scan appears immediately after pasting the link What you have, and my friends, warn against clicking on any exciting link or that is circulated a lot through various social media sites, because most of these links may be contaminated, and may harm your device directly or your information may be stolen by visiting one of the suspicious sites on which the link sends you, and the way The examination is as follows:

1- File through which you can upload any file on your device and check before using it
2- URL to check the link of any site before entering it
3- Search to search websites

In conclusion, my friend, an annotated follower, we always assure you to be wary of suspicious links and websites that may harm your device or your smartphone. Greetings to all of you and see you in other useful posts.
Test site link

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