A great Arabic site to learn the repair and maintenance of smart phones of all kinds

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, dear followers of the Mashrouh website. There is no doubt that the emergence of the Internet and its spread on a global scale has facilitated many aspects of our lives. It became possible to search, learn and obtain knowledge in many distinct fields that were difficult in the past, and one of the most prominent things that can be known and learned from Through the Internet is the field of maintenance and repair.

There are many foreign websites, forums and channels that allow us to learn maintenance and repair matters on our own without having to go to a maintenance specialist, but unfortunately many users of Internet services in our Arab region are not fluent in using and knowing foreign languages, especially English, so they may face a problem in learning With foreign sites, so I will present to you a wonderful site in Arabic, through which you can learn some useful things in the field of maintenance and repair of smart phones.

Our website today, dear followers of the Mashrouh website, is a website SLENA.MOBI which is a site with an Arabic interface that includes several different sections for the most prominent and famous brands and models of smart phones known and famous such as the iPhone – Galaxy and other phone models as well, and sections specialized in testing devices and sections of programs and applications, and for fans of Play Station devices and various other sections that you can watch for yourself and get acquainted with It and how to benefit from it in learning by explaining the methods of repair available on the site as blogs and educational videos as well


In conclusion, my friend is a follower of an explained website. I hope that I have helped you through today’s post, and that you benefit from this wonderful site in Arabic in learning some simple maintenance matters for your smart phones, and see you in other useful posts.. Greetings to all of you
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