8 tips to make your Android device work like new and faster

With the passage of time, smartphones become more slow and heavy, and sometimes the system freezes completely, and many of us suffer from this problem, but there is nothing to worry about. It is normal because every problem has a solution, and since smartphones offer many advanced and advanced features and options that It changed the lives of many, but this negatively affects the speed of the device over time, and as is the case in desktop computers and Windows systems, it slows down over time, but in the case of the computer, we change the system completely to get rid of this slowness, but what about smartphones, how do we get rid of the fatal slowness Which hinders the performance of tasks and running applications and many other problems that are countless, and today on this topic we will review together some tips that help to get rid of the problem of slow phones, specifically those running the Android system, and speed up your device and make it work as new.

8 tips to make your Android device work like new and faster

1 . Device home screen:

As in computers, it is a well known fact that having too many files or folders on the desktop slows down the system significantly as well. The same applies to your smartphone, the more accessories, apps, and icons on your device’s home screen, the slower it becomes.Also, the disorganization and chaos of the home screen of smartphones with applications and unnecessary additions and accessories not only slows down the device, but also negatively affects the battery life. Minimum .

8 tips to make your Android device work like new and faster

2 . Installing programs, applications and games:

With the presence of hundreds of thousands of applications and games in various fields, this makes smart phone users have a bad habit of downloading many and many applications on a daily basis, even if you do not need these applications, but it is a test and as we mentioned because there are many applications that push users to install them , also the mostSmartphone games have made a great leap in the world of games, as they come with features and characteristics that we have not seen before on phones, and this is what prompts users to try new games that are launched almost daily, but these applications, including those that run in the background and also they eat up the storage space on your phone Therefore, we recommend reducing the installation of applications if they are not required or useful, removing them from the device, and also deleting old applications and games installed on your device that are not needed at the present time, and leaving only Applications that can not do without their presence and necessary.

– It is advised to review your applications and get rid of those that you do not use at all, or that you use once and leave, Also, there can be some heavy applications that consume a lot of system resources and put a burden on the phone’s memory and battery, so you can find out from applications that measure the impact of applications on the device such as battery saving applications and device acceleration andFind an alternative to it, and install a lighter application that does not negatively affect your device. We also recommend leaving a free space on your device’s internal memory, at least 500 MB, and preferably not less than that until your device works well.

3 . Reboot the device:

 It is recommended to restart your phone regularly because Rebooting closes all applications and programs running in the background and this helps in improving and speeding up your smartphone performance, Rebooting also refreshes and rejuvenates your device’s functionality, and makesIt is bug-free and can solve problems automatically so it exudes aReboot the phone on a regular basis (daily if possible) and run it like a brand new device.

8 tips to make your Android device work like new and faster

4 . Telephone services and accessories:

Sometimes we open and switch between some services and accessories on the phone such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and locating, and mobile data and forget to disconnect or turn off after using them, These services, if they are still running on your device, can greatly hamper the performance of the smartphone and possibly drain the battery life very quickly.Therefore, it is always recommended to stop these services after use. However, if you do not follow this topic manually or find it difficult to remember to stop these services every time, there are many applications available in the market that can take over the task for you Therefore, we recommend that you turn off phone services such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. when they are not in use.

8 tips to make your Android device work like new and faster

5 . Battery life

 Batteries usually do not stay at the same level over time, so extending battery life Useful to maintain the performance and speed of your device, and one of the things that helps to preserve battery life is to reduce the level of brightness and lighting, Using Airplane mode is also a good option to save battery life, sleep mode, which reduces battery consumption, closing services, etc. All this helps extend battery life. It is known that there are free applications that perform these functions automatically. You can refer to this topic on our site to learn about them and download one of them Press here  

Also remember if your phone’s battery power is low, it negatively affects the speed and performance of your device, so always make sure to keep your device’s battery fully charged and avoid draining the battery unnecessarily.

8 tips to make your Android device work like new and faster

6 . Cache, Cache, Browser and Cookies:

When you surf the Internet on your smartphone, a lot of data is stored in the phone’s active memory Also, with the frequent use and the large number of processes and tasks, there is a so-called cache memory, which accumulates data and files inside, and this causes the slowdown of your device significantly. 

Your smartphone also stores cookies which hinders the ability to browse the web quickly, so it is recommended toClear the cache, cookies and temporary files at regular intervals, depending on your usage. It is known that there are some free applications that perform this function automatically. You can identify them and download one of them through next link  

It is advised to clear your browser’s cache and cookies at regular intervals to free up memory space

7  . Live backgrounds live 

Live wallpapers are fun and one of the beautiful things in smartphones and Android, which users prefer to turn on from time to time, but what we do not know is that live wallpapers are among the things that negatively affect the performance of your smartphone In addition, it greatly reduces battery life, because it displays animated images that work over time, which negatively affects me Phone processor and RAM, especially over time and when your device becomes really slow, It adds extra burden to your performance issues, so we advise you to avoid live wallpapers on your smartphone to make it faster and better.

 8 . Clean your phone regularly

With the frequent use of applications and playing games, data is stored and accumulated within these applications and within the system of your device, which reduces the free space within the internal memory of the device and also causes your device to slow down and significantly deteriorate its performance. It performs this function ably. You can identify it and download one of them from within our site by entering the this link  

It is also recommended to clean your device periodically and clean its screen with a dry cotton cloth, and to stay away from cleaning with water and chemicals because it may harm your phone more than it helps.

You can try these tips to keep your Android phone like new, and make it run faster and perform better than any other time

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