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7 features of the SoundCloud app that you need to know now

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There are many, many platforms that release audio content, and all of them are very excellent and compete with each other to be on the throne of audio content platforms, and certainly to this end, each platform develops its own features and settings to win the loyalty of existing users and to attract more new users. In this context, the SoundCloud platform deserves a lot of praise for its great features and for containing all the audio clips found on other platforms, in addition to the ease of dealing with the application’s interface, but despite its simplicity, users often do not take a tour inside this interface to explore the features it offers. ! Therefore, in this article, we present to you 7 features found in the SoundCloud application that improve the use experience.

1: Play stations (like radio!)

This feature adds a lot of practicality to SoundCloud as it allows you to explore songs that suit your musical taste. In a simpler sense, you will select the audio clip you want and other clips with the same style, style and music will be suggested to create a station similar to a radio station on the radio. To activate this feature, go to the audio clip that you want to create a station based on > press the three-dot icon and choose the fourth option “Start Station” and all songs similar to the song you chose will be displayed, in addition to that these songs allow you to play sequentially, meaning the second will start after The first ends, and so on.

2: Download songs from SoundCloud

You may not have a permanent Internet connection during your day, so the best option in this case is to download your favorite songs to your own device to listen to them without the need for an Internet connection, simply through the SoundLoader application. After you download the application, copy the link of the song you want to download from the SoundCloud application, go back to the previous application, and paste the link in the designated field that you will simply notice, as it is the only one in the program interface. Finally, click on the arrow icon to download the song to your device.

3: Saving internet data consumption

Due to limited internet packages, we always strive to reduce usage consumption in every way. Fortunately, you can reduce SoundCloud’s data consumption. The idea here is that the SoundCloud platform ensures the process of continuous improvement of the application by receiving direct reports from users about their activity on the platform, and these reports are sent after each listening process we perform, and this repeated transmission process will play a major role in the consumption of the Internet package. Fortunately, the SoundCloud platform allows us to stop sending these reports. To do this, go to the library icon “Library” > then through the profile icon, go to “Settings” > then go to the fourth option “Analytics” and deactivate “Help improve Soundcloud by sending us regula usage and device data”.

4: Reduce the application’s consumption of storage space

Certainly all platforms that depend on sharing posts, images, videos and other content and their size increases over time for many reasons, but there is a simple but effective procedure that helps keep SoundCloud under control and maintain its size at an acceptable rate, and this procedure is clearing the cache files. Indeed, the application allows you to do this through its settings, so go to the “Library” icon > then from the profile icon go to “Settings” > then “Basic setting” and click on “Clear application cache” Don’t be afraid, you won’t lose any of your data after this step.

5: Repost the clips on the platform

This feature can be a bit close to retweeting in the Twitter app and is perfect if you want to support an audio creator by retweeting their audio files on your profile. To do this, all you have to do is go to the audio file you want to republish, then through the three dots click on “Repost on SoundCloud” and then enter a description about this post if you wish. Finally, press “Repost”.

6: Search for content by tags

You may one day want to search for specific content, but you are not successful in choosing the keywords that will show you the desired content accurately. In this context, searching through the “Tags” tags may be the best option. To search for similar content, then click on the name of the song above to enter the description, then click on the tags you want to be taken directly to all the audio files that used the same “Tags” in their description.

7: Block Comments

Surely everyone knows that the SoundCloud application shows you the comments that come on the content that you listen to continuously, and the latter may be a source of great inconvenience to many, but it is certainly possible to get rid of them with ease. All you have to do is go to the Library, then choose “Settings”, then go to the “Basic setting” and deactivate the “Show comments on the wave form” setting.

Of course, the SoundCloud application contains a lot of features that provide you with a comfortable using experience such as using playlists or dark mode, etc., but we did not explain them because they are very intuitive, and we focused on the features that may be a little vague and unknown and at the same time allow you to experience a more productive use .


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