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5 new and distinctive computer programs that you do not know and have not reviewed before – kzaplay

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In the computer world, we review a lot of computer programs of various categories and tasks, whether within regular articles or through a series of the best programs of the week that we offer on successive periods whenever we have a new set of programs worth using. But through this article, we will also get acquainted with computer programs, but some of them are new, as they have been released recently and old, as they have been on the scene for a while, and in both cases we have not reviewed them before on the blog and often you will not know them despite their important and useful functions for the user, so I will review them for you based on From the following lines.

– AutoSaver

AutoSaver is a very simple free program, but it performs a function that can be called “work saving” as it performs an automatic save while working on any program to avoid sudden interruptions, by activating the Save shortcut on the keyboard automatically by pressing the Ctrl + S buttons every period of time To save the work you do on a program. Suppose, for example, that you are working on a design in Photoshop and are afraid that a sudden interruption will occur that will delete what you did! It will certainly be a disaster, but you will avoid this happening after using AutoSaver. It is easy to use as you list the programs used in conducting business and then specify the period of time during which the program activates the Save shortcut and leave the program running in the background and no longer worry about the work you are doing. ( downloading programs )

– NoBot

NoBot is a new program within the anti-malware programs, relying on the database of the famous VirusTotal site to scan files by several protection programs. is safe or could harm your device, or alternatively, perform a comprehensive scan of a specific section and verify that it is free of any threats. After the scan process, which takes a rather long time, since it uses VirusTotal to verify that the file is free of any viruses using a group of famous protection programs, you will discover whether this file is really harmful to the computer or not. ( downloading programs )

– a program Iris Mini

For Windows 10 users after the Creators Update, I don’t think they need Iris Mini because Windows 10 already has a Night Light feature to keep the eye when sitting for long periods in front of the computer screen, and this is the function of Iris Mini, this free light program to change the colors of the screen, which makes it very comfortable for your eyes. There are three modes for the program. If you select Automatic, your geographical location will be recognized to adjust the screen brightness and color automatically according to your time, whether it is day or night, or if you select Manual, the program will adjust the brightness to a certain degree that you work on all the time without any change, and Paused To pause the program. The program works on all platforms, whether Windows, Linux, Mac. ( downloading programs )

– VSDC Free Video Converter

VSDC Free software Video Converter is a free program to convert formats video clips and edit them easily. You can convert one of the video clips you have to format many different formats so that work on certain devices and without the video quality is affected by this process, and that the program is fast in this operation consumes the device tightly resources to accomplish the task in the fastest time. The program also allows you to integrate video clips and cut parts of them or modify them in different ways after a few clicks thanks to a few simple graphical interface and its own similar to what Microsoft Office programs. ( downloading programs )

– PK Finder

PK Finder is a small and portable program that does not require installation, but it performs a required task for Windows users who have lost the activation key of the system, which is used whenever you want to reinstall the Windows system on your computer. After running the program, the Product key will be displayed immediately. You can either copy it or press the File section and then Save to save the activation key in a text file to restore at any time. Through the settings, you can control the appearance of the tool or activate the option to check for new updates, but in any case, this is the program’s easy, simple and important function at the same time. ( downloading programs )


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