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5 features that make using Chrome on Android easier and faster – kzaplay

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Chrome is the default browser for most Android phones and tablets, and Google gives it some attention by constantly updating it. If you compare an old version with a new version of Google Chrome, you will notice that it has become much better and has simple but impressive improvements in use. It made me prefer it over other browsers, whether on the phone or the computer. In general, if you use Google Chrome on your Android phone, this is a set of useful features that you will only find in this browser, and you must know them to achieve the desired benefit from it and to make your use of it much easier.

Easily switch between open tabs

If you have a few tabs and pages open on the Google Chrome browser in your phone, you can move from one to another in different and quick ways without clicking any button, for example, when you drag the address bar downwards, a list of open tabs will be displayed and you can press any tab to view it directly, or Alternatively, if you have three or four tabs open, you can navigate between them by dragging the address bar to the right or left to move to the next or previous page immediately, as shown in the image above. So, switching between tabs is very easy with Google Chrome.

Quick Search

When you browse the Internet and read various articles, you may see a name, a word or a phrase that you do not understand its meaning, so you will resort to Google to search for this incomprehensible thing to you. All you need is to click on this word or this name to be selected and immediately a Google bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. where you left.

Activate the Mobile-Friendly feature on any web page

Google Chrome has a Reader Mode feature called Mobile-Friendly and it is automatically activated when you open non-mobile web pages, which makes the page more convenient to browse on your device by removing all of the ads and share buttons and every element that is not important on the page and the focus remains only on The content is easy to read, and to make this feature available on any web page, this is possible with a simple modification in the internal settings of the browser, as we will see below.

After opening Chrome browser, type “chrome://flags“In the address bar and then go to it, and then a large group of hidden settings will be displayed in the browser, you will search for a feature”Reader Mode triggeringThen convert it from Default to Always, and then restart the browser by clicking on the Relaunch Now button, and after restarting the browser, you can open a website or a web page so that a “Make page mobile-friendly” bar appears at the bottom of the screen and by clicking on it, the opened page is displayed in reader mode as in previous photo.

View open tabs on your other devices

If you are using the Google Chrome browser on your phone, tablet and computer and you have enabled the sync feature in the browser, you will be able to view recently opened web pages from your phone or tablet on the computer or vice versa, and this is useful in many cases, for example, when visiting a site you do not remember the name of with the Chrome browser On the computer and you want to re-visit it again, but from the phone, all you have to do is open Chrome on the phone, then click on the “three vertical dots” and from the list of options that will appear, click on Recent tabs and you will notice that the names of your other devices appear, click on any device and the sites you visited will be displayed Recently, via Google Chrome.

Prevent jumping up after the end of the download!

An annoying problem that exists in most Android internet browsers, including Google Chrome, is when you read an article or browse a site and you start scrolling down gradually to continue reading, then as soon as the site loads, it jumps up and you have to scroll down again to the place you stopped reading, as shown in the short video The attachment is above, but the Google Chrome browser has a way to prevent this problem from happening again, which is as follows:

You will type chrome://flags in the address bar, then after going to the Chrome flags page, you will search for an element with the name Scroll Anchoring Make it Enabled instead of Default then after restarting your browser you won’t have the problem of jumping up after the page has finished loading.


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