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5 Effective Ways to Beat Key Logger Virus – kzaplay

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If you do not know what a Key Logger is, then it is one of the most important things that you should know if you want to learn a little about information security. We have previously shared a detailed explanation of the Key Logger and how it monitors your activity on the computer (comprehensive topic) But I will give you a small overview of what the Key Logger is. It is a tool used to record all the keystrokes you make on the computer keyboard. It is used for many reasons, but the most important and most famous is that it is related to hackers or hackers, so we will share with you 5 ways you can use them to overcome Key Logger without logging what you type in order to keep your passwords and bank accounts.

1- Check for any additional connections

The first way through which you can overcome Key Logger is to ensure that there are no additional connections connected with the keyboard. By obtaining a copy of that data in order to protect yourself from that matter, you will only make sure that there are no additional connections connected with the keyboard, and if you find them, you must remove them or replace the keyboard with another.

2- Hiring OSK

This word is an abbreviation for the word On Screen Keyboard, which is a virtual keyboard found in the Windows system through which you can type what you want using the mouse without the need for the keyboard. And you start using it to type in passwords or banking information that you are afraid of being logged by Key Logger because you are using the mouse to enter characters and not the keyboard.

3- 2-Step Verification

One of the most effective ways in which you can really beat Key Logger, even if your keystrokes are recorded and someone can get your passwords, they will not be able to log into your accounts because each time a code will be generated and sent to the phone number your own, but he can enter me if he puts it, which he certainly will not be able to get. It is also good that there are many important sites that provide this feature in order to provide you with better protection.

4- Shading with rewriting

If you do not know this method before, it is one of the ways through which you can defeat someone who is spying on you through the keylogger, which is by first writing a set of numbers and letters that can be a password so that it does not appear Only random letters, and after you type them, you highlight them with the mouse, and then you retype the correct password, and the good thing is that the computer will do one of two things: either it records the correct passwords combined with the wrong password, which makes it difficult to deduce them, or the computer records The first (wrong) password and does not register the second (correct) password because it will think that it has been registered before.

5- The wrong half and the right half

This method is considered one of the most deceptive ways that you can do to get rid of the Key Logger, as it depends on you typing half the password the first time, then you type a known number of letters and numbers, and then you complete the second half of the password. Now you specify the letters and numbers The redundant is via the mouse, and then you erase those extra characters, but not by the Delete key, but by the mouse as well, such as cutting those characters, and then you log in without that spy knowing your passwords.


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