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We have actually reached a time when nothing has become impossible. We have learned about many digital revolutions that have taken place in the world through the “Computer World” blogs, but my topic today is somewhat old, but it was started again and was unexpectedly developed to include many areas And if it is used correctly, I am confident that it will change the course of many lives and will find radical solutions to many problems in various fields, especially in the medical and construction fields. The digital form to the tangible physical form and what are the areas that benefit most from this invention and how it can be a financial income for some if he knows how to benefit from some sites and use them correctly.

Article written by blogger Mohammed Ayham Al-Zoubi

What is 3D printing? It is simply the process of converting the digital file (located on the computer) into a physical object tangible by hand made of plastic, metal, or in some cases building materials, also called additive manufacturing.

But how does it work?! Since this type of manufacturing is relatively foreign to us, since it is not common to see a device that prints what is on your computer screen in 3D, but frankly, the principle of the printer鈥檚 work is very simple, the whole process begins with designing the shape to be printed, or more precisely what we want to form, this design It can be done on one of the three-dimensional drawing programs if you want to make a shape from scratch and customized and has no equal, or you can search on the Internet and there are many sites that provide you with pre-designed designs that can be used, or there are some sites that also provide design service and send you the design with shipping Quick or you can use the so-called 3D Scanner, which scans physical shapes and turns them into digital files that can be reprinted with 3D printers. Many companies have developed many devices that scan 3D shapes, such as Microsoft and use many technologies such as laser scanning or Ultrasound scanning … etc.

After that, the printer receives the file, analyzes it, and begins the process of stacking layers on top of each other according to the desired shape. The materials used are either plastic or metal. The printer heats these materials to be able to put them in the form of layers, reaching fusion and once they cool down, they take the desired shape.

In the end, the printer components are a mechanical device to move the head in three axes (length, width, height) and the printer circuit responsible for converting the electronic file to be able to be understood by the printer, and a fuser device to melt the materials used in printing.

40% of 3D printer parts are designed by 3D printers. And here comes the role of importance for you, my dear reader, what can you benefit from these printers as an ordinary person?!

There are some websites on the Internet that you can send samples of designs to, and they in turn display them in their studio, design them and offer them for sale, and here you may be lucky and your design will get large sales percentages, and in this case you will have reaped a lot of profits.

In the end, the future of this technology is very large and wide. It has proven its effectiveness in hospitals. Doctors have been able to design living organs and transfer them to animals and they have worked as required. As for construction, China has been able to print, or rather form, several housing units with a budget not exceeding five thousand dollars. In this case, I hope that it will reach the Arab world faster, because if used correctly, it will solve many of the problems we are facing at the present time.

About the author
Mohammed Ayham Al-Zoubi, 22 years old, is a computer specialist and always strives to help others.


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