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3 Alternative Programs to Movie Maker You Must Try

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Certainly, the wonderful Movie Maker program that is integrated into the Windows version for free, and is considered one of the best programs for making a home movie from a group of videos or photos, creating your own video, or adding sound to a group of photos or a group of videos. It should be mentioned that we reviewed the new version of the Movie Maker program, which was completely new and available for free download as well. But there are many alternative programs that are in fact perhaps better than the Movie Maker program as well, and we have already reviewed many of them through the topic of the best video editing programs, in which we presented video editing programs and video production for professionals. But today the topic is completely different, as we will review completely new programs that you may not have heard of before, as we will review 3 alternative programs to the Movie Maker program that you can use, so if you are a fan of film, video and montage programs in general, I advise you to follow this topic because it is specifically for you . Continue after the break.

The use of movie and video-making programs in general is similar, as you use one program and then move to another program, you feel as if it does not need an explanation and that it is the same mechanism of use. So you can see the explanation How to create a video with Camtasia program and use the same method for other programs, and the result will be great, as you can make movies and videos of family moments, as well as pictures in a wonderful way. Indeed, video and movie making programs are one of the most beautiful programs that you can download and try on your device. Therefore, in the next lines, we will review 3 wonderful programs for creating videos and movies on your device in a very wonderful way.

1 – Ezvid

a program Ezvid It is a Calmovie Maker program, but it contains many great features and features, where you can record screen video easily and quickly. And many other features, such as adding text to a video, effects and music to the video, such as the Movie Maker program. The program is very simple to use and fast as well. Without explanation, you can use the program, as it is similar to the rest of the famous video editing programs.

The program provides you with the ability to import photos or videos and start editing them, or record your computer screen and start editing it. You can also import a video from YouTube directly into the program. You can also register within the games and all this for free, and the program is already considered one of the very fast programs in video processing, as it does not take much time to process the video after its creation. An excellent program and I recommend trying it as an actual alternative and better than Movie Maker and it is completely free. ( program download )

2 – Camtasia program

Although I mentioned in the beginning of the topic that the programs will be new, but how can I write a topic about video-making programs without mentioning my favorite Camtasia program! Although the program is free for only 30 days and after that it must be purchased, but the program really deserves the title of the best because of its ease, control and tools as well, 30 days is enough period to make many videos, as the program is used in screen recording video as well and making a movie From your photos or a video from a group of videos by merging them together and adding a music clip to them. Excellent program, I highly recommend trying it.

3 – VideoPad Video Editor

a program VideoPad Video Editor It is one of the free video and movie maker programs, which is an effective alternative to Movie Maker already. The program contains many features in addition to its ease of use, so you can add effects to the video. The program also processes the video very quickly. The program is one of the free programs in the field of making distinguished movies and videos, which you should already try, as it contains wonderful and unique effects. A program that is really worth trying. ( program download )


Note that we have reviewed more programs in previous topics, but we do not like repeating programs, especially with the presence of more great programs, so you can use the blog search engine to search for more programs within the blog and try them as well. Each program has its own features, shape and design that distinguish it from Other programs, as a fan of Camtasia program, despite that I use many other programs, because each program has its use and appropriate time to use it. So it is good to try all the programs and decide what you like and also benefiting from all of them is great. I hope that the topic is useful and the programs are useful as well. Thank you.


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