10 iPhone applications banned globally and controversial

10 iPhone applications banned globally and controversial
The field of applications, whether on the iOS or Android system, is considered one of the most controversial areas, especially since the latter are not manufactured by major companies or anything like that, but are mostly made only by some users, while companies have their own applications known to them Therefore, any user who is proficient in some programming languages ​​or able to create an application can create what he wants from applications and publish them in application stores such as the Play Store for Android applications or the App Store for iOS applications, and the supervisors of these stores work by searching and prospecting On the inappropriate applications and delete them from the store, and in this list we will allocate to you a list of 10 iPhone applications that are banned globally because of their controversy!

1.Buzzed and Tipsy

It is a drunk driver alarm: if there is a drunk driver and he has this app it will help him to avoid the police by
Alert him to the presence of security men so that it does not fall into their hands. It is well known that driving a car drunk is considered a crime in the West and is punishable by law. And this application may cause embarrassment to the city police and those responsible for arresting this type of person, especially that they can escape from their actions by this application, therefore, it was banned from the application store as it helps the other side to evade the law.

2.Me So Holy

Which enables its user to modify his personal image and make his appearance in the form of the accepted image in the West of Christ, and this is an insult and contempt for religions, which forced Apple to ban it. You are in the capacity of Christ, therefore, this app has been banned because it insults a certain class of people.

3.My Shoe

It is a funny application and a game developed by one of the programmers whose user was able to throw various kinds of shoes at former US President George Bush, as happened with him in Iraq. When you prevented it, we would have at least poured some of our anger on him haha.

4.I Am Rich

It is one of the strangest applications because its cost amounted to 9999 dollars and does not contain anything and 8 people actually bought it before Apple pulled it. Rich, and if you don’t buy it you are the opposite, and this application was not useful in any way to anyone except its programmer.

5.Pocket Girlfriend

It is an application for those who do not have a real girlfriend, so he creates a girlfriend for him whose spear is to send him messages that may be in an explicit language if he wants, simply, to create a fake character in the form of a female to attract conversation parties of all kinds with her, and the application has been deleted because the purpose of it is not conversation such as Simsimi’s application was even much more than that in a very negative way.

6.Video Strip Poker

It is an application that makes you play poker with a virtual beauty who takes off a piece of her clothes every time you win her, and although she does not take off her clothes until complete nakedness, Apple decided to ban this application because it is an application that does not fit the content of the applications it offers in that store.


Which informs you of the level and rate of radiation you are exposed to and the extent of the damage it may cause to you on your body, but Apple decided to delete it from its store because it frightened people greatly, which made some even boycott products and smartphones, the thing that terrified Apple in all respects I decided to block the application and delete it at all.

8.Obama Trampoline

It is an application that makes you control US President Obama and make him jump over the stunt platform. But Apple blocked it when it was developed and made the user control former President Clinton while he was naked.

9.Beauty Meter

It is an application that gives you a rating of your beauty from 1 to 5 when you upload your photo on it and gives a rating of the body as well. There was no objection to the application until a nude picture of a 15-year-old girl was circulated, which angered everyone, especially the groups for the protection of underage children.


Which gives you a translation of vulgar market words in various languages ​​of the world, Apple prevented it because it believed that such applications harm the interest of its market for applications.

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